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Verdure ACV Apple Cider Vinegar 250ml
Rp 37,000

Naturally fermented with mature apples from Malang, Pure and Simple Apple Cider Vinegar is 100 percent pure and contains ‘Mother’, a cobweb like structure floating at the bottom of the vinegar that gives it dark orange color. The presence of ‘Mother’ in apple cider vinegar is a proof of unfiltered vinegar and is the reason for numerous health benefits. Raw And Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. What does it do? well… If you’ve never had it, it tastes like vinegar but with an appley twist. Ours is a mellow, yet tangy vinegar that can be used in many recipes – salad vinaigrettes, cool summer drinks, and marinades. Many people use apple cider vinegar as a tasty daily tonic. It can also be included in the diet of pets and is celebrated in the natural health world as a “cure-all” internal cleanser. ACV is reported to assist in curing allergies, sinus infections, acne, flu, chronic fatigue, candida, acid re flux, sore throats, contact dermatitis, arthritis, gout and many more. The most popular way to take it is to mix a teaspoon of ACV with a teaspoon of raw honey or molasses in a glass of filtered water or as a super-healthy salad dressing to soak your greens in. Our ACV is RAW and unfiltered, leaving all the vital nutrients and enzymes intact; unlike most vinegar’s which are pasteurized, filtered, processed, and nutritionally “dead” Pure and Simple ACV. “The trend that Never gets Old” Note: Mohon chat kami sebelum membeli untuk memastikan produk ini tersedia, terimakasih

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